Oracle Support Day

Oracle Support Day - Oracle Support specialists will analyze opportunities, problems and improvements in mutual relations in direct contact with users in the field of user support. 

Oracle Support Day will start with a short overview of main business advantages and possibilities of Oracle Premier Support. This overview is intended for ICT managers with an aim of bringing to mind the use of all the possibilities of Oracle Support in planning transformations, consolidations, cost reductions and business automation. 

Slavko Rožič, Oracle Support Director for South Central Europe, will present, during his keynote speech, the main funcionalities of Oracle Support, ways of their expansion that increases business values and improves business efficiency. The lecture should be of interest to IT managers as well as for operational users.

The effectiveness of support depends greatly on mutual cooperation between users of Oracle technology and carrier of activities in Oracle Support. Recently, the use of „My Oracle Support Community“ is becoming a basic interpersonal communication channel. To the increase in effectiveness of this channel is also contributing moderation of Oracle engineers edging this communication channel away from tradicional social network towards the platform for resolving real problems. Davor Radić, from Oracle Croatia, will introduce us to this topic and we are expecting contribution of the users at the conference because this time, both sides expect direct dialogues of active, problem solving, participants.

Using Oracle Premier Support in all aspects of proactive support, introductory for SW, will explain Davor Radić, and for HW - Csaba Balogh, Oracle Austria. We are expecting novelties, new tools, best practices and information sources from My Oracle Support portal. 

How, with a view from the inside, works Oracle Product Support and how do real cases of using the service look in the field of Middleware – Oracle Business Intelligence, will show us Dejan Savić from Oracle Ireland together with Davor Radić. We are expecting concrete case studies.

Oracle Platinum represents a step forward in the concept and offer of support. Slavko Rožič will present the main characteristics of Oracle Platinum, as well as business benefits for users and their experiences. How are Oracle Platinum systems set up and which proactive and reactive functionalities do they enable.

Darko Kastelic, Oracle Slovenia will talk about what does the Oracle Advanced Customer Services offer for all supported components – applications, middleware, databases and storage systems. With the cooperations of participants in the discussion, he will focus on transition from „fire-fighting“ mode to a more predictable environment and how to transition from „work hard“ to „work smart“.

Colleagues Tomaž Košir, Janez Koželj i Simo Macut, with over 15 years of experience in Oracle Support/Advaced Supportu from Oracle Slovenia, will show several interesting examples which they have encountered such as database block corruption, resolving performance database problems, as well as expanding disk systems by adding Storage Cells on Exadata.

And finally, there will not be absent the more and more important topic of Support model for Oracle Cloud. Stephane Duperrex, director of Oracle Product Development that is leading Cloud Applications Service Excellence program in EMEA region. Program has an aim to develop Cloud model services with which is Oracle services enabled for SaaS consumers. What experiences has he had with key accounts in the EMEA region? Since this is a remote lecture, together with Stephane Duperrex, Davor Radić will be presenting this topic in Rovinj.

From all of the above, it is visible a large scope of topics covering practically the whole range of support services which Oracle is providing to his users. Hopefully, the users part of participants will respond in a large number and use the opportunity to, besides hearing the news and experiences from top lecturers, have the opportunity of direct dialogue on present problems in practice as well as improving mutual cooperation with Oracle Support specialists. 

You can check the details on all topics in Programm, and there you can choose your interest group  - Oracle business practices.

The conference is organized by the Croatian Association of Oracle users. More about the association can be found at

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